Auckland Paddlefest
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The Auckland Paddlefest (formerly City Surf Series), now in its seven years is excited to further diversify our paddling options with the aim of involving anyone who likes to paddle. Our previous 6x seasons have focused on racing (socially) but this year we wanted to provide additional options for the beginner, social, novice &/ or fitness focused paddler.

Own a SUP and love to paddle, then the Auckland Paddlefest has something for you. Come and get amongst the fun, social and inclusive atmosphere our event and its participants provide.

This online entry is for the Race Division & Flex Fitness Group Training (definitions below). If you want to take part in the Learn, Group Paddle &/ or the GPS challenge then please check out our website for further information on how to get involved, its super easy.

KIDS 1.5km SUP (any SUP) 
Age categories include under 12 & under, 14 & under plus a 19 and under for both male and female.

ADULTS 4.5km SUP (14ft & under)
Age Categories include 19-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over for both male and female.

ADULTS 3km SUP (14ft & under)- male and female (two divisions)
There will be 2x age categories. This will be a split down the middle of registered participants for both male and female.

ADULTS 1.5km SUP (any SUP)
No age categories due to it being historically a smaller division. There is a male and female division however.

ADULTS 7.5km Ski Paddle
No age categories due to it being historically a smaller division. There is a male and female division however.

Want to focus on getting fit each week rather than racing? Then our 45 minute Flex Fitness Training Session is what you’ve been looking for. This all over body training session is PT guided and involves both land and on water exercises, all in an encouraging group environment.
Ideally participants here have their own SUP as paddling is heavily involved in each weekly session however we can also cater for participants who want a group beach boot camp and don’t have a board. Each week there will be 2x different workout to cater for people with and without SUPs.

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Mission Bay Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
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